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Moving Rates

WE DO OFFER DISCOUNTS FOR CERTAIN DAYSPlease call our office for a list of discounted days or monthly special pricing or discounts. We do offer senior and military discounts and discounted dates.

Call for more details.

Moving Rates January thru March 2019

Weekday Rates (Mon - Thurs)

*Except for the first & last weeks of the month*

  • 2 movers with a truck - $90.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 3 movers with a truck - $115.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 4 movers with a truck - $140.00/hr
    + trip charge

Standard Rates (Fri - Sun)

  • 2 movers with a truck - $95.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 3 movers with a truck - $120.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 4 movers with a truck - $155.00/hr
    + trip charge

Larger Moves (Using 26' - 28' Trucks)

  • 4 movers with (2) trucks - $180.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 5 movers with (2) trucks - $210.00/hr
    + trip charge
  • 6 movers with (2) trucks - $245.00/hr
    + trip charge

All rates above have a 2 hr minimum with a travel fee.

Rates may be higher based on short notice and availability. Call for discounted rates on certain dates.

These are the basic moving packages starting at 2 movers and a truck. This includes all standard moving equipment, as well as all Standard Protective material. Equipment and tools included to prepare all the large items for transit. These crews are specialized for any size residential moving service including high rises and commercial and staging services. We also specialize in moving pianos, safes, pool tables, and spas.

The trip charge covers the time to get our crew to and from the move. It also covers the entire fuel expense, all the shrink wrap. Since the trip charge is based on where you are in the valley and how many men we're sending, Travel fees vary depending on how far you’re moving from origin to destination. Please call our office for additional details.

A few things to consider:

  • Our billing begins when the Movers arrive the. lead driver will confirm a start time with whoever is supervising. Once the move is complete and our truck/trucks have been reassembled, the lead driver will confirm the end time.
  • We have "No" extra charges for stairs, long carries, or mileage.
  • Our confirmation department will call 2 days prior to your move to confirm time, and all moving information.
  • Payment options are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American express and cash only! We do not accept checks or money orders.
  • Underestimating the amount of furniture you have can result in larger costs. The more organized you are, the quicker the service will be.
  • Our rates are highly competitive. Although we provide a lower rate moving service in no way is our quality and professionalism compromised. WE are a a+rated company.
  • The following premium services can be added however are an additional cost as they are not included in standard moving packages
  • Carpet film = $45.00
  • Premium quilted pads for furniture going on hardwood floors = As needed

Installations – we do not perform any Mounting/unmounting of any item that requires bolting or screwing items to or from a wall or floor.

Packing services: we are a full service moving company. We do provide packing services as well. They are based on an hourly rate. You are welcome to provide your own packing material or WE can bring the materials at a cost. Please visit our moving supplies page to see the price list.

WE do offer free in home estimates for larger homes. OR ANYONE WANTING EXACT PRICING our estimator Jay Robers has been with our company for over 12 years. He is extremely friendly and efficient. Please call our office if you are looking for a GUARANTEED flat rate move cost.

We also provide moving services going to California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Mostly all the surrounding states.

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Best Move Ever! Scott Stevens

I wanted to let you know that my family has moved about 8 times. We've never had a better moving experience than with Arizona Discount Movers. Ron, Time, and Ricky were simply excellent. They were on time, worked very hard and nothing was broken or damaged.

Very Satisfied! Marcela Santoyo

I'd like to express my satisfaction with the service I experienced with your company. first, I was surprised that you could schedule a move with one week's notice. I expected all the company's I contacted to tell me that since it was too close to the end of the month that their schedules were full. In fact, that was the response I received from three companies I contacted before calling yours.

I was also very impressed with the information I received during that first contact. The gentleman who took my call was very polite and informative and conveyed a sense of confidence by letting me know that the company does not hire day laborers and that it is fully bonded, licenses and insured. He filled me in on the rates and was ready to set an appointment with me right away.

This morning I was a little taken back by the calls requesting to reschedule the move earlier in the day. I would gladly have done that but I couldn't get confirmation from my new landlord that someone would be on the property that early. I completely understand how schedules can get pushed so I continued packing and cleaning while receiving regular updates either from the home office or from the crew on the road.

Mark and Ed arrived around 4pm and didn't waste any time getting to work. They organized all the boxes I had packed and they began the tedious task of hauling all my junk down from the 4th floor. They were very careful in wrapping large fragile items in padding, which ensured that everything was delivered in excellent condition. They worked at a very quick speed, probably trying to compress as much time as possible since they still had one more job to do once they unloaded my furnishings. On top of everything, Mark and Ed were kind enough to move a refrigerator that WAS NOT on the original list of items to move. My landlord delivered the refrigerator as Mark and Ed were cleaning and locking their truck and they very gladly moved it in.

Thanks very much for sending Mark and Ed. They were very pleasant, polite, funny and professional. I will definitely keep your company in mind for my next move and I will also recommend you to my employer as we are planning to move into a new building in mid-August. I don't know if the project manager has contracted a moving company yet but I will inquire tomorrow and recommend she call you if she hasn't already made other arrangements.

Praise! Lynda Myers

I just wanted to compliment your company on the wonderful, courteous service. I used your company for a short move (from one apt. to another in the same complex) last month. The two men, Gary and Bubba, who helped me were great. They were on time, helpful and polite. I have some very heavy stuff that they had to bring down two flights and up three flights of stairs. They did this without complaint or excuse about the size or weight. I will definitely use your company again in the future if the need arises. Please let Gary and Bubba know that I appreciate all their help!

Appreciate It! Ed & Marlene Wallace

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated James & Jonas professionalism and efficiency during our move on December 15th. We will definitely recommend your company to others!

Best Decision of the Day! Karie Koning

This letter is regarding service I received from Arizona Discount Movers this past weekend.

I do not need to explain, however, I had hired one of your competitors to move me on February 8, 2010 at 8 AM. Upon arrival, the quote (with a 3 man, apparently "manual labor" team) changed to 8 hours - and cash only. The situation was so far from the original quote (leaving both my roommate, Cathleen, and I with a sense of unease) that we quickly dismissed them from the job. It was then that we turned to the yellow pages to find someone with availability that day.

I blindly, fingers-crossed, got a quote from you for the job, and awaited your team's arrival. In hindsight, it was the best decision of the day.

Darrin Martinez and Jason Woods were the movers you sent.

These two employees are professional, easy to talk to, and just what we were looking for, especially after the original fiasco. I trusted them with my personal belongings, and they went above and beyond to make sure our items and apartment home were treated with care. In fact, they were better than any other movers either of us have ever used.

We are truly grateful.

They say in business that word of mouth is the best advertising. Neither of us will hesitate to recommend Arizona Discount Movers to friends, colleagues or anyone else who we overhear is looking for movers.

Please share this information with Darrin and Jason. They are invaluable to your business and deserve a pat on the back for excellent service! Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the number above.


From my first phone call to ask for a price quote, to the great conversation to schedule my move, to the confirmation call ahead of time made by your office - and especially - my moving day November 20, 2010 - you were all W O N D E R F U L.

I wanted to say that the four men were sent - James, Chris, Irvin and Carl (hope I have the names right) - were EXCELLENT! They were careful, strong, neat, fast, kind, humorous, too.

You made a very stressful experience, amazingly, surprisingly, delightfully better. All of my stuff (and I have a lot) made it to my new address in great shape, and even the boxes were put in the right rooms! WOW!

I cannot thank you enough. I will definately refer your company and hire you again should I ever have to move again.

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