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Hiring a Specialty Mover

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When it comes to moving your piano, grandfather clock, pool table and other specialty items, Phoenix movers will tell you that hiring a professional moving company that understands specialty items such as these is essential.

Moving a piano can be stressful. Most pianos require at least two people just to move them to a different location in the same house. Baby grand and grand pianos require, at minimum, three movers. If you have a piano that needs to be moved, you should hire a professional Phoenix mover. You may be trying to keep your move as inexpensive as possible, but damaging your expensive piano or getting injured by trying to move it yourself won’t help. There are many reasons why you should always hire a professional piano mover.

Grandfather Clocks
Grandfather clocks are often times precious family heirlooms, passed down for generations.  Moving it by yourself could damage the item.  To ensure the safety of this cherished antique, hiring a Phoenix mover is your best bet.  Simply loading the very heavy clock in a truck is just not an option.  Professional movers have years of experience and the proper packing items that will keep your clock in your family for years to come.

Pool Tables
Pool tables are extremely heavy and quite delicate. You may be tempted to cut costs and move your pool table with friends, but this is not recommended by professional movers who do this every day. In order to move a pool table, you need to take it apart. Not doing this correctly might lead to damage to the table.  Transporting it yourself, can cause injury.

Professional movers understand the risk of moving these specialty items and work to prevent harm to the item and themselves.  Contact the professional movers at Arizona Discount Movers today to help with the moving of your specialty item today.

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