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What To Do With Items You Don’t Want To Move

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Moving can be tough, but it affords an excellent opportunity to get rid of possessions you no longer want or need. This then brings up the question of what you should do with these items once you have identified them. Here are the options you have for handling items you do not want to move.

Hire Movers
For items you want to take with you but can’t or don’t want to move yourself, you always have the option of hiring professional movers. The right Phoenix moving company can do all the work for you so you don’t risk injuring yourself while trying to move your things or accidentally damage your prized possessions in the process. Hiring Phoenix movers to move all or some of your items provides you peace of mind and more time to dedicate to other matters related to the move.

Sell Them
If your stuff is in good condition, sound working order, may command a high price and is worth selling, you should explore your options. Garage sales are a common method. You can also turn to online spaces to list items for sale, such as eBay, Craigslist or Facebook. If items don’t sell, you can either donate them, throw them away or opt to hold onto them a while longer.

Donate Them
Items that are not of high value or that you have already attempted to sell can be donated. There are any number of charitable causes to which items you don’t want to move can be donated. Ask around to find good places to donate various items in your community. A discount mover can help you move items or, in some cases, the charity will pick them up for you. Remember that donations can be deducted from your taxes if you donate enough.

Store Them
If you still want to keep some items but don’t want to move them, you have the option of storing them until you can move them or have space for them again. You can store items at a friend’s place or in a rented storage unit. Be sure to use a good Phoenix moving company to move large items into storage to avoid risk of injury to yourself or damage to your possessions.

Throw Them Away
Finally, you are likely to have some items that can simply be thrown away. These can be personal papers you no longer need, items that are irreparably broken or filthy, or anything that is otherwise not worth doing anything else with. Items that are recyclable should be recycled rather than thrown away. When throwing away large items, Phoenix movers can help you get them to designated drop-off points. You may also be able to notify and pay your waste disposal company extra to take away larger items. Renting a dumpster is yet another option.

It can be a challenge to figure out what to do with items you don’t want to move. You have a few options, however. You will ultimately get the most out of the process when you take the time to go through everything and either store or part with it properly.

If you have any questions about your upcoming move, please contact the Phoenix moving experts at Arizona Discount Movers.

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