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Moving in Arizona? Beware of Hostage Loads

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You may have heard the term “hostage loads” in regards to moving companies. It occurs when the company that you hired refuses to unload the truck unless you pay them more money. This situation can cause much stress in addition to the stress of moving day. The good news is that it is now illegal in Arizona.

What is the legislation?

House Bill 2145, championed by the Attorney General Mark Brnovich offers protection to Arizona residents. Residents will no longer be forced to pay more than the agreed-upon price to move their goods, thus avoiding hostage loads.

What are the protections?

The protections will make sure that you get your belongings, even if there is a dispute over costs and additional payment. The legislation provides for the following protections for consumers:

  • Movers must unload
  • Law enforcement can come in and distribute your belongings to you
  • Movers must provide a written contract stating all fees
  • Contracts must state how much insurance is provided for damaged and lost items

What can you do?

In order to avoid hiring one of the Arizona moving companies that could try to hold your belongings hostage, it is important to research your moving company as early as possible before the move. Get recommendations from friends and family and take the time to explore reputable movers. You might want to check their license and registration as well as verify that the company is registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission. For interstate moves, the government has provided this helpful information.

One of the important steps that you can take before the move is to ask about all the charges involved, so you will know beforehand. If you decide to use a broker, remember that you have no control over who that moving broker chooses to handle your possessions.

On moving day, be sure to be present to make sure that nothing is left behind and to be sure the company has directions to your new location. Have adequate insurance in case there is damage to your possessions during the move. Read any documents carefully before signing them.

On the day of delivery, be there to pay the mover and check your belongings against the inventory list. Carefully check that you have all items before signing the list.

A Final Word

To avoid being the victim of hostage loads, you must do your homework and select a licensed and established local moving company to ensure that your move goes smoothly. If you have any questions about hosting loads, please contact the moving experts at Arizona Discount Movers. We look forward to helping you with your move as you begin your exciting adventure in your new home.

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