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How to Pack Dishes For Moving

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When moving into a new apartment, house or condo in Phoenix, AZ, it’s essential to make sure your dishes will arrive safely. There are several steps you can take to guarantee this happens, including taking an inventory and packing them securely.

Begin by gathering all of your dishes that need packing and organizing them on a flat surface. Doing this will make it simpler for you to locate them when packing for moving.

Next, gather all necessary packing materials: dish/average-sized boxes, packing paper, tape and markers or labels. These are essential elements in the process so make sure you have them on hand before beginning to pack your dishes.

When packing your dishes for relocation, the most important factor to remember is that they must remain undamaged.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure this happens:

Fill Space In The Box With Crumpled Paper

Before placing dishes into a box, ensure it is filled with crumpled paper, linens or several layers of bubble wrap. This will prevent them from shaking around during transit and add cushioning to them.

Tape and Label Your Box

When taping boxes for transit, use heavy-duty tape to ensure they remain closed during transport. Mark each side with a ‘fragile’ marker or large writing to indicate which side is up so movers won’t accidentally put the wrong side up in their truck.

Once your boxes are full, use extra tape to secure the bottom and sides of the container in order to prevent dishes from falling out. Packing paper can also create an air pocket around your dishes for protection, but bubble wrap or shredded newspaper work better as they’re thinner and easier to work with.

Glasses are incredibly fragile and should always be wrapped individually. This technique is similar to plate wrapping, but be mindful not to put too much pressure on the glass when wrapping. Use extra paper in corners of the glass for protection; however, be careful not to roll too far since this could break it.

Dishes are especially vulnerable to damage when they’re stacked or nestled horizontally in a box. This is because when the box is moving, each bump causes them to bounce around and make contact with one another.

To avoid this, pack your dishes vertically in a box rather than horizontally. This method provides more security for your dishes while making it simpler for you to lift the box without knocking them against each other.

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